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Reasons to Ask for References for Fence Companies in Walnut Creek

Installing a fence requires a considerable investment not only on money but also on time, resources, and effort. So before customers hire fence companies in Walnut Creek they should make preparations including screening potential fence companies or contractors.

When screening fence companies in Walnut Creek, it’s very important that you speak with the references that you’ve been given. This is your home project and you may not wish to commit a mistake by hiring a fence company or contractor without knowing much of its history, background, and practices. If you hire the wrong company, it may cost you a lot more time and money to fix any errors.

If a person who has used the services of a fence contractor before, he or she will be able to tell you what it was like working with the contractor. Is the contractor they hired licensed, bonded, or insured? Did the contractor offer fair pricing? Did they arrive to work on time and did they do their job neatly? Quite often, if the person recommends the company to you, it is a sign that it’s indeed a good fence company to work with.

If a fence company refuses to provide you with customer references, you may want to think twice. Perhaps you may not want to hire the contractor if they won’t provide customer reference. As a client, you have every right and every means in order to have the best service you deserve.

One benefit of asking for references is to hear from someone who has used the fence company about their own experience with the contractor. And in the end, they will conclude if they were satisfied with the service and would like to hire them again in the future. It’s recommended that you contact two to three references from each company you are considering.

Here is a sample of some of the questions you may want to ask a fence company’s references:

If fence companies in Walnut Creek have been around for a long time and are still in operation, then it’s a great sign that they’re doing well in their business

A fence company that’s licensed means that it has the legal right to do business, and has understood the city and/or state rules and regulations.

This is one of the most important questions because this tells you if the company holds liability and compensation insurance for its workers. It means the company is well funded to pay for its worker’s insurance should something unfortunate happen at the working site.

You may want to consider asking this type of question especially when cleanliness is a consideration. Do they clean up on a daily basis during the installation of the fence and after installation? Really, the last thing you want to see is a pile of debris left after the job’s been done. It’s also the contractors’ duty to clean up their own mess once the fence is installed.

This is another important consideration — the contractors’ time management. Did the company arrive on time for appointments? Did it finish the work on time? If it didn’t, why wasn’t finished on time? If it was late for more than one occasion you may decide that this company is not worth hiring, unless its workers arrived late due to inevitable circumstances. Also ask the reference if the company called him/her to inform if they were going to arrive later than usual for a scheduled appointment.

Ask if the company addresses its installment issues promptly. If there’s a problem going on during the installation and the company is quick to solve it to your satisfaction, then it’s another plus factor for the contractor.

It’s not only the quality fence or the installation that makes a company, but also in its behavior towards its clients. If previous clients tell you that this company communicated well with them and was respectful before and during the course of the project, it’s a great sign that the company is also customer-oriented.

Ask the reference if the company makes and stocks its own fences, instead of contracting a fabrication firm to manufacture fences for it. This will enable the company to charge customers a lower price.

If the reference answers with a resounding yes, it means that he/he was satisfied by the company’s performance. They may also even recommend this company to you and to other people.

You should also be knowledgeable about the warranty and guarantee policies of a fence company. Ask the customer regarding the type of warranty the company offers. You will be better armed with this knowledge in case something happens to your newly-installed fence.

There’s nothing wrong if you ask for references from fence companies in Walnut Creek, in fact reputable fence companies expect to be asked. These are a few sample questions to ask a contractors’ references. These questions will help ensure that you’ll hire the right contractor to install a fence in your property.

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