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Fence Contractors in the Bay Area - What to expect during the estimate?

When clients call any reputable fence contractor in the Bay Area for a free estimate, their appointment setters will do their best to arrange it based on their potential clients’ convenience.

When you request a free estimate from fence contractors in the Bay Area, you can expect their sales associate to arrive at your home, bring material samples, photos, financing information, and options. They will assess your property and determine your needs which will enable them to offer you the best service possible. They will also answer your questions about having a fence installed.

Experienced, professional fence companies have staffs that are trained, always courteous, and carry their identification at all times. You can expect them to conduct themselves properly when they arrive at your home to provide you a free estimate in the Bay Area.

When the sales associate arrives at your Bay Area property, expect them to discuss your purpose for putting up a fence. You may provide the reasons depending on your situation, such as you need to contain your active little children and/or pets, or you want to enclose your swimming pool, for instance. Of course, your reason for wanting to install a fence may be entirely different.

Once you and the sales person have determined the purpose for your fence, expect them to focus on the style of the fence. Which style of fencing would you prefer – do you want a semi-private or a fully private fence? How tall your fence should be? Most fence companies in the Bay Area will likely produce photos of different fences so that you will be able to look at them and decide which is your preferred fencing style, height and of course your budget.

The sales associates then will ask you about the type of material you prefer for your fence. Which one would you like, wood, wrought iron, vinyl, or chain link? Which of these fencing materials will meet your budget? If you want a natural look, choose wood, which is also one of the least expensive materials. However, if you choose wood, you will need to stain it twice the first year, and every other year after that. If you want more durability, choose vinyl or wrought iron – all of these save you from having to do maintenance.

After the above factors have been agreed upon, the sales associate will then mark off the area (using a measuring wheel) where you want to put the fences. This is important because they will use this data to estimate the cost of the fencing.

After the area to be fenced is measured, you can expect them to provide you with a quote or a proposal for the fencing project. Some fence companies will provide you a quote featuring many different fencing styles that you are interested in, and also the proper pricing for your project. Some quotes take as long as 2 weeks. It’s up to you whether you want to sign the proposal right away, or you may want to take time to review it, and talk it over with other family members. You may also want to get estimates from two or more additional fence contractors.

These are the things that you may expect when you request a free estimate from fence contractors. They will help you learn what kind of fence you want to install depending upon your preferences and budget. Most legitimate fence companies will provide you information, samples and photos, financing information, and their expertise to help you assess your needs and your property. In that way they will be able to offer you the exact service that you need from a fence contractor in the Bay Area.

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