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Fence Contractors in the Bay Area Vary, How Do You Decide?

When you decide to hire a fence contractor in the Bay Area, you will find that there are a lot of companies available that say they are the best one for your job. They will often offer what appears to be the same thing. So how do you determine which fence contractor is the one you want to hire?

You start by narrowing down your list, which you originally compiled from the phone book or similar sources. Talk to people who have had fences installed recently – especially the kind of fence you are planning to have installed – and ask them who did their installation. See if they would recommend the company, and decide if the fence looks like you want yours to look.

Once you have a shorter list, you can talk to the companies themselves. You want to evaluate their workmanship and the business.

To evaluate workmanship, start by doing a little research. Check online and with the Better Business Bureau. Use a search engine to find reviews, feedback, and any complaints about the company. Ask the company for references – preferably a mix of previous clients, current clients, and vendors – and talk to the references they provide.

To evaluate the business, there are several things you will want to verify or discover about their practices and people.  First, see if they have a commercial physical location. Some contractors operate out of their home or garage, and while they may do a good job, they also may not. If they do not have a physical office, you may not have any way to contact them.

See how much experience the company has. More experience will generally mean the company has hammered out any potential complications. They will probably know the area’s regulations and codes that apply to fences. If they install a number of the kind of fence that you desire, they may be a good fit for your job.

Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Licensing is a requirement in most states, so a company that is not licensed is working illegally. Bonding and insurance protect both you and the company in case of damage or injury. Ask about a written guarantee for their work, as well.

Find out if they have their own employees that do the installation or if they subcontract the jobs. You have a better idea what sort of results you will get if they have their own employees, since employees will usually follow the same sort of work ethic as the company holds.

Check on payment arrangements. If they ask for the entire amount up front, you probably want to choose someone else. Reputable companies usually ask for 1/3 to 1/2 up front, with the balance due when they have completed the job to your satisfaction.

These tips are not exhaustive, and you will likely think of other things that are important to you. However, they will help you choose the best fence contractor in the Bay Area to install your fence.

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