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Does an Iron Fence in Danville Need to be Painted?

One of the reasons that people choose a wrought iron fence in Danville is because it requires much less maintenance than a wooden fence. It also doesn’t need the same amount of maintenance as a vinyl fence, which needs to be washed regularly to keep its clean look. Nevertheless, after some time, it may be desirable or even necessary to paint a wrought iron fence. How can you tell whether your iron fence needs to be painted?

If there is previous paint on the fence that is peeling or discolored, you probably want to paint it. If the fence has never been painted before – or even if it has – and you want it to be a different color, then you will want to paint it. If it is looking old and worn instead of proud and clean, you might want to paint it. If the fence has no sign of rust, it has been kept clean, and it has no damage, then there is probably no need to paint it. In this last instance, it is possible that adding a layer of paint could protect it and make it last even longer than it is already likely to last. Sunshine, in particular, can affect the metal over time, and a layer of paint can help protect it from these damaging effects.

In order to get the longest life out of the paint job on an iron fence, you will need to properly prepare the fence’s surface before applying paint. Proper preparation includes scraping off any peeling or loose paint or rust (usually with the use of a wire brush or sandpaper). Then you will want to apply an appropriate primer for the metal. A rust-inhibiting primer can be helpful for preventing future issues. Primer or paint that covers or inhibits rust is important because sometimes oxidation begins without visible effects. Left untreated, though, it can grow into a big problem.

Applying primer and paint with a spray apparatus is a possibility, however to achieve the best results, you will want to hire a painter.

While it may not be absolutely necessary to paint a wrought iron fence in Danville, there are many reasons it is helpful that it hardly makes sense not to do it.

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