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Choosing the Design for an Iron Fence in Danville

You have decided what material to use for your fence, so after choosing an iron fence for your Danville property, your next step is to determine what style or design you want to have. There are several factors that will affect your choice, including budget, purpose, and maintenance time.

You already know that an iron fence will be durable and long-lasting, as well as strong. You may already know that it can also be quite elegant and ornamental, or, alternately, quite imposing and a deterrent.

To some degree, your design will be slightly limited by the choice you have made – you cannot easily incorporate a latticed top, for instance, as the style and material does not match wrought iron as it stands. Sometimes you can work out a way to make it work, but unless you are determined, it is often easier to stick with designs and styles that work well with the material at hand.

Wrought iron fences have a unique potential, in that they can be installed using a predesigned style such as Arlington, Hereford, Lancaster, Belmont, Dartmouth, or Manchester, or it can be designed uniquely by you or a chosen designer. Some design elements could include monograms or quotes, as well as scrolls, spears, and knuckles.

Wrought iron lends itself well to both vintage and modern designs, which means you can have a finished product in your iron fence that perfectly matches your personal taste. A vintage feel to your fence can complement a house that has a more historical feel to it. A modern, sleek iron fence can make your property look up-to-date. If you want your iron fence to have an unusual and unique “shabby chic” type of look, you can use scrap metal to aid in design.

Consider how tall you will want your fence, as this will have some bearing on your final design ideas, as well. If you prefer ornament to privacy or security, wider spaces can be used in your design. If you desire security primarily, the design will need to be more closely set, or more intricate, to prevent anyone from using the spaces as a point of entry.

The ends of the posts can be topped with finials that add design elements as well as practicality, and the whole thing can be a basic iron color or finished with a custom color. The natural color is less likely to need touching up over the life of the fence, but a custom color choice can be what decides how much you like your finished iron fence design.

You can also speak with your fence contractor about the best design for the iron fence for your Danville home or business. As installers, they are sure to be able to offer design ideas and advice.

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