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Am I Ready to Install a Chain Link Fence in the Bay Area?

Do you want to install a chain link fence in the Bay Area? If you want to achieve the desired result for your fence, careful thought, planning and research are needed.

Installing a chain link fence in the Bay Area requires a bit of painstaking work and research as well. You must know why specifically you want a chain link fence for your property. Being completely sure of the type of fence will make the pre-installation planning much easier.

There are many types of fences — wood, wrought iron, aluminum, chain link — that will serve a customer’s specific purpose. Many fences offer privacy, and others give protection to one’s property. Many fences serve to mark the boundary within one’s property, while some fences are built for decorative purposes.

The first key step before installing a chain link fence in the Bay Area is to determine the accurate boundaries of your property where you will install your fence. If you go over the boundary lines into your neighbor’s lot, this could result in arguments, extra costs and labor, or worse, it could cause a lawsuit. It’s really important to talk to your neighbors about your intentions of installing a fence so that they won’t harbor any ill feelings towards you. Better yet, consult a surveyor to avoid these possible unfortunate incidents.

Once you’ve accurately established your property lines, determine if there is anything that would get in the way of the fence installation. Rocks, bushes and trees may require to be moved to give way to the fencing installation.

Prepare a fence line to serve as a mark for your fence’s position by driving wooden stakes into the corner and then attaching strings onto them. This will also help you in estimating how many fence posts should be installed.

Once the line has been established, check the condition of the ground for rocks, dirt or cement. Also, determine if there are any utility lines that lie beneath the ground. You can contact your local utility provider and they will help you locate the water, electricity, cable or gas lines so that you can be sure it’s safe to dig and install the fence there.

Check to see if your locale has zoning ordinances and building codes that impose restrictions regarding the height, size and even the material of your fence. By checking with the zoning and building codes, you can be sure erecting a fence will not violate any laws or codes.

Once the boundary lines are confirmed, ground conditions are right, you are ready to contact fence companies in the Bay Area. All American Fence Corp has been in business for over 25 years and can be reached by calling 925-743-8583.

If you’ve followed these steps and have done all the proper preparatory work, then you’re definitely ready to install a new chain link fence in the Bay Area.

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